The innovative patented liquid powder for open stream casting

The innovative patented liquid powder for open stream casting A unique product!

It guarantees the reach of significant advantages when used. Prosimet owns various patents for this product, protecting its important technological features and the relevant production process. The R&D department of the company keeps working on the continuous improvement of this solution initially conceived for open-jet casting only, foreseeing future potential developments for a wider range of applications.

The innovative patented liquid powder for open stream casting A unique product!

The product, poured from above into the mould, acts by forming a liquid slag on the surface of the steel and infiltrating between the two surfaces and provides better lubrication granting homogeneous heat transfer along that length of the mould that cannot be achieved through the use of conventional casting oil.

The resulting uniformity from the mould cooling allows a considerable improvement in product quality and generates a strong reduction of distortion in the shape of the billets (rhombohedral):

How it works
  • Growth of a homogeneous superficial strand surface that allows a safer casting guaranteeing a better quality of the product
  • Reduction of breakouts
  • Significant reduction of subsurface cracks and significant reduction of sulphides precipitation
  • Possibility of casting particularly “dirty” steels, i.e. with high zinc content
  • Possibility of casting particularly complex steels, like for example boron alloyed steels
  • Scale formation reduction
  • Higher casting speed or alternatively strong reduction in cooling water consumption
  • Drastic decrease of pyroclastic activity and explosions due to the presence of reactive elements in the steel, resulting in a remarkable enhancement of safety conditions for workers at the caster floor
  • Drastic reduction for the need of cleaning nozzles and nozzle changers
  • Significant increase in the service life of the nozzles and the changers themselves
Operating benefits

Prosimet and Ergolines

Proil™ is a very sophisticated product that, due to its non-Newtonian nature, requires a special and appropriate dosing system. Prosimet is proud to have established a close collaboration with Ergolines, a leading company in the design of similar systems.


In addition, Proil ™ feeding systems can be used without interfering with the conventional cast oil feeding system.

Prosimet and Ergolines

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