Prosimet has long since launched a substantial investment plan in order to ensure the complete transition to digitalization of its business.

The digitalization of the entire cycle, in fact, guarantees the secure and complete tracking of all the processes involved, from unloading and acceptance analysis of the raw materials used, their process, up to the final packaging.                                                                                                                                                                                             Also the digitalization of the warehouse and the consequent digitalization of the logistic activity all, allows greater speed of execution beyond that to facilitate the carrying out of the various tasks to the operators in charge, with meaningful reduction of the possibility of generation of errors. The objective is the quality in the job and consequently in the offered service: Prosimet wants to be a partner of still more sure trust for all the served customers, in all the continents.




For years now most of the water used in the production cycle comes from the recovery of rainwater for about 15,000 m3/year.


Sustainable raw materials

The R&D department has developed a number of projects for the use of sustainable raw materials that can effectively perform the functions of traditional raw materials, whose long-term consumption could be problematic for geopolitical reasons or speculative pressures.



Prosimet has for some years now installed a heat recovery system from the exhaust fumes of the spray drying towers that has made it possible to reduce gas consumption per ton by about 8%.


Electric energy

Recently Prosimet has started a project with the ENI group with the aim of evaluating the production of electricity for self-consumption using a high efficiency cogeneration unit, the residual heat of which feeds the granulation process. This allows the company to fully meet its electricity needs.



For Prosimet quality is an essential element for customer satisfaction and the ISO 9001 certification, obtained for the first time in May 1993, is proof of the continuous commitment to improvement in all business processes with the aim of meeting customer requirements. The quality of Prosimet’s products is combined with the care and the attention that the company places on the environment, the health and safety of its employees, its customers and its business partners. For these reasons and always with a view to continuous improvement, Prosimet has also obtained the ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certifications.